Exentri Wallet Blue
Exentri Wallet Blue
ExenExentri Wallet Blue

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Exentri RFID Wallets are luxurious wallets made of genuine leather with an elegant stainless steel lock. The Exentri wallet can accommodate up to six cards and your cash and papers. This luxury Exentri card holder is beautifully designed and it is very practical as well. You can fit two main cards on the outside of your wallet so you can push them up with your thumb. The Exentri wallets are of nice Scandinavian design. Exentri brings the wallet-thinking to a higher level. The wallets of Exentri are elegant and refined, and yet so simple and practical. The innovative design of the Exentri wallet allows you to store cards and you still have a pocket for bills and receipts. This wallet is ideal for the modern man and woman and it is available in different colours and layers.
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Exentri RFID Wallet Grey-Blue

Exentri RFID Wallet Blue is a luxury wallet made of genuine leather and an elegant stainless steel lock. The Exentri wallet is suitable for six cards and bills. It is a fine and practical wallet at the same time. You can slide your cards out easily with your thumb. The Exentri Wallet is delivered in a nice gift box.

Additional Information Exentri RFID Wallet Grey-Blue

Article Number EX015
EAN 7090024920159
Brand Exentri
Country of Manufacturer Norway
Product line Exentri Wallet
Colour Blue
Material Leather
Dimensions 90 x 70 x 10 mm
Product weight 50 gram
Warranty 1 year