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Recycled bags
Ecological bags or eco-sensitive, are increasingly popular. More and more people want a bag with a story. A bag that is made durable and under good working conditions. Eco-sensitive are made from recycled materials such as fire hoses, banners or jute bags. Many eco-sensitive are also fair trade so that the people who receive them simply make a fair salary for this. And see the bags still very hip and cool off. It feels good and you make a similar statement what stands out.

About Eco Bags

Eco does not have to mean that a bag is only made from natural materials. The eco bags from indeSHOP are made from recycled materials and some are also fair trade. Take a good look per bag why this bag is eco. Eco bags are becoming more popular because more and more people want a bag with a story. The eco bags from indeSHOP are unique and of very high quality so that you always have a bag that suits you and meets all your needs. Whether the bags are made of fire hoses or tea bags, the eco bags at indeSHOP are always exactly what you are looking for.

Feuerwear eco bags

For example, the Feuerwear bags are made from used fire hoses. Because they are made of used materials, these ecological bags are all unique. No & eacute; & eacute; n bag is exactly the same. The ecuer bags from Feuerwear are very popular and are increasingly seen in the Dutch street scene.

LOQI environmentally friendly bags

LOQI bags are also better for the environment. How often do you not go to the store and do you have to buy a bag? Because nowadays they are no longer allowed to give away plastic bags. With the handy shoppers from LOQI you never have to buy such a bag again and because you can continue to reuse these shoppers time and time again, they are of course much better for the environment. The shoppers from LOQI are made of polyester and are waterproof. This will keep your groceries dry during a rain shower in Holland.

At indeSHOP you are guaranteed to find an ecotas that fits you perfectly