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Keys. Everyone has a key bunch with his or her most important keys, from the house, bicycle, car, office, but possibly also other keys. It is of course nice to personalize your bunch of keys. A bunch of keys looks much nicer with a cheerful key ring, but it also gives a lot of recognition. That is easy if you have lost your key ring or if it is next to another key ring. It would not be nice if you brought the wrong bunch of keys. A key ring is also a nice gift idea!

Leather pendant leather

A leather key ring is one of the toughest key rings you can buy for your bunch of keys. The leather gives the key ring a robust appearance. IndeSHOP has beautiful leather keychains from the Troika brand. The leather is smoothly finished and in combination with matt metal, this provides a nice design look. As a man you can certainly come up with this. In addition to the leather key chains, IndeSHOP also has key chains made of aluminum, fire hose and metal.

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Buy your keychain at IndeSHOP. There is a wide range of key chains available at IndeSHOP. Are you looking for a trendy, fashionable keychain, look at the Feuerwear products. These key rings are made from used fire hoses from Germany. By reusing the fire hoses, no one is the same and you have a truly unique key ring. These keychains fit perfectly with the laptop bag or backpack from Feuerwear. Are you looking for something funny or a key ring that will cheer you up as soon as you look at it? Then take a look at the metal keychains from Troika or the leather keychains from We Positive. The leather keychains from Troika and aluminum keychains from Smartcaze are handy keychains. Both types of key rings, in addition to the beautiful design, are specially designed so that you can get your keys to your key ring very easily. No more messing around and breaking your nails, but your keys to your bunch of keys in no time. At the shop you can buy a nice key ring for every price category, starting from a few euros but also for those who have a somewhat larger wallet.

Use the filter function on the left or scroll through the assortment. Buy your key ring before 10 pm and receive it the next working day.

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