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Magic Wallets
Magic wallets have been decades an understanding. A magic wallet has to store some elastic straps on the inside of the wallet that your bills (and other notes such as receipts). When you write money in the magic wallet explains, and you open it again, you fix bills behind the rubber bands. It looks real 'magic' and people watching their eyes when they see it for the first time. Magic wallets there include the leather or plastic. There is a wide variety of colors.

Magic Wallet

A magic wallet is a compact wallet. In this wallet there is room for cards and bills. A regular wallet often contains a large compartment for bills and receipts. This is not the case with the magic wallet. In this case elastic bands or straps are used to keep the bills in your wallet. There is no pocket for coins in a magic wallet. A magic wallet can best be described as a credit card holder or card wallet with room for bills.

Buy Magic Wallet

When buying a Magic Wallet, it is useful to take into account the number of cards you want to keep in the wallet. To be sure that all your customer cards, bank cards and other cards fit into the wallet, you can opt for a magic wallet Garzini Magistrale. You can store 22 cards in Garzini's wallets. Garzini also has several wallets that can accommodate sixteen cards. Are you looking for a wallet for fewer passes? At indeSHOP we also sell magic wallets that fit four or six cards. When you know how many passes you are looking for a magic wallet, choosing a magic wallet becomes a lot easier.

When buying a magic wallet, the number of compartments for cards is not the only feature on which you can choose the wallet. We have four different brands of magic wallets from which you can choose, namely: Dosh, Garzini, Troika and Vip Flap. The wallets of the four brands usually differ in model. You can also choose between different materials for the magic wallet. The wallets from indeSHOP are made of desmopan, cotton, plastic or leather. Color can also play a role when choosing a magic wallet. You can buy a magic wallet in the colors blue, brown, yellow, gray, orange, red, white and black. Vip Flap also has some models with multiple colors.

After you've made a choice, you can easily buy the magic wallet. If you order the wallet before 10 pm, the wallet will be delivered to your home the next day.