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Drybags are also known as dry tubes, dry flats, dry sacks or waterproof bags. These are bags in which your things stay 100% dry. With the handy shut-off system you ensure that no drop of water can enter. Ideal, for example, to store your camera or telephone. But the drybags are also perfect for your dry clothes or towels. Your important items are 100% watertight, even up to 6 meters under water. So you never have to worry about your important things again.

Drybag specifications

The dry bag is made in different sizes. IndeSHOP has formats with a capacity from 1 liter up to and including 109 liters. If you only want to keep your phone, camera or wallet dry, then we recommend the small sizes of dry sacks of 1 to 5 liters. As soon as you want to take something more with you, such as a towel or clean clothing, you quickly go to the 10 to 20 liter dry sacks or even a size bigger. The moment you go camping and your sleeping bag and other necessities also have to remain dry and safe, then the dry sacks from at least 20 liters are recommended. Some variants even have a special transparent window or are almost completely transparent. This makes it easy to find your things in your dry bag. Most of them even come with a handy carrying strap, so that you can take the dry bag with you more easily. Which color is your favorite, blue, yellow, green, pink, black or any other color? IndeSHOP has many different colors in the range. Use the color filter in the left bar.

Drybag brands

IndeSHOP sells various brands of drybags. All brands sell ultra-lightweight and very small foldable drybag variants. If you prefer a transparent or partly transparent dry bag, Sea To Summit offers the most choice. In addition, the bags from Sea To Summit have a special oval bottom, so that the bags stay in better position. How about a dry sack that can also be used as a backpack with adjustable shoulder straps? Then look at the Overboard range. If you prefer German solidity and are looking for a dry sack that is very durable and resistant to the toughest weather conditions, then the dry sacks from Ortlieb are the perfect match.