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Bicycle bags
Both do long bike rides and in shopping by bike panniers are indispensable. In a bicycle, you can fine save foregoing and transport while further out of the way. There are many types of panniers. The most common panniers put you to the back of the bike. There are panniers that you stick to the front or at the wheel .. Bike must of course be watertight. It rains frequently and you will not be surprised. All items must remain dry naturally.

Handy detachable bicycle bag

Panniers are not only useful for mail deliverers. Even when you go shopping they are of course very useful. At indeSHOP we offer you more than just normal panniers for the back of your bike. For example, we offer you waterproof panniers. Always handy in our cold little country and with unexpected rain showers. Waterproof bicycle bags are of course perfect if you do not want to take a large backpack or shoulder bag.

The bicycle bags from indeSHOP are also removable bicycle bags that can be clicked off with a handy movement of your bicycle. So you can take your groceries and other belongings inside, so you don't have to keep walking up and down.

Single and double bicycle bags

Bicycle bags are often available in single and double versions. Depending on the amount of stuff you want to transport, you can choose the best variant that suits you. You will only find a few bicycle bags in the range. However, it is possible to hang two of these panniers on your bike, so that you still have a double pannier.

Bicycle bag only waterproof

To prevent the things in your panniers from getting wet from the rain, you can take waterproof panniers. The waterproof bicycle bags at indeSHOP are from Overboard. This brand specializes in waterproof bags and other waterproof accessories. Thanks to the smart waterproofing systems from Overboard, all your belongings will remain dry. The bicycle bag only waterproof from Overboard can even withstand rapid immersion.

Overboard waterproof panniers

Overboard is known for its high-quality waterproof bags. The bags from Overboard are of the highest quality, look sporty and offer waterproof protection. In addition, the Overboard bags are also affordable. The bags are 100% waterproof, sand and dust free and bags have buoyancy. In addition to waterproof bags, sports bags (duffels) and backpacks, Overboard also has waterproof cases for mobile phones, tablets or cameras. All in all, Overboard is a top brand for outdoor activities.