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With a backpack you can easily carry something without you noticing that you have something with you. After all, you keep your hands free. Backpacks come in different materials, colors and sizes. There are ecologically responsible backpacks made from recycled materials such as banners, fire hoses and jute bags. These backpacks come in different colors. In addition, there are also waterproof backpacks which of course is very handy when you are cycling or have to walk in the rain. Here you can adjust the size of the backpack perfectly to your use so that you do not carry anything too much with you.

Men's Backpack

A backpack is surely the most practical bag among all bags. Your back is the strongest part of your body, so you can easily take a lot with you. This makes a backpack an indispensable item in your bag collection. IndeSHOP has beautiful men's backpacks, which are extra cool and handy. When choosing a suitable backpack, there are a number of selection criteria on which you can choose the right backpack for you. Are you going to use the backpack for school, vacation, outdoor activities or a day out? The capacity (liters) is also an important part for a men's backpack. IndeSHOP has backpacks for everyday use that you can easily go to school or work with, such as the backpacks of the brands Feuerwear and Ragbag. The backpacks of the Overboard brand are specially for outdoor activities and have a capacity of up to 60 liters. Are you looking for a waterproof men's backpack, then look at the brands Feuerwear and Overboard.

Backpack backpack, outdoor backpack

A backpack backpack, also called an outdoor backpack, is ideal when you practice outdoor activities or water sports. Think of hiking, rafting, skiing, mountain biking, camping or other activities where it is nice that you have a good backpack. You want your stuff to be stored safely, easily findable and not to get dirty or wet. Before you buy a backpack or outdoor backpack, it is important to think about what you will use the backpack for. Ask yourself the following questions: what are you going to take with you? how often will you use the backpack? are you going to walk far with it or is it nice if the backpack is waterproof? The answers to these questions make searching for the right backpack a lot easier. IndeSHOP sells the perfect outdoor backpack from the Overboard brand. These backpacks are waterproof, sand and dust free, have reflective pieces and well-padded shoulder straps.