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Walter Wallet
Walter Wallets are perfect if you want a simple and compact card holder. They look sleek and slim and are made of a strong plastic or aluminum. They have a smart system so your cards slide easily in and out and stay organized. Thereby they are super lightweight and they are 100% recyclable. They come in different colours and once you get one, you will never want something else.

The ideal extendable card holder

The Walter Wallet has been designed and produced by 4 Dutchmen. The goal was to design a card holder that is super original and easy to use. With the Walter Wallet you push all your steps in step in & eacute; & eacute; n movement. This makes it very easy to take out the desired pass. This sliding system also ensures that the cards are protected against damage. This feature makes the Walter Wallet the ideal extendable card holder.

The Walter Wallet fits no less than 7 cards. In addition, there is also a space for storing bills. The design of the card holder is not only very beautiful, it is also 100% recyclable. This makes it super durable and also very light! The wallet is available in no less than 6 different colors: Bright White, Fresh Mint, Jet Red, Paper Brown, True Blue and Way Black.

Walter Wallet vs Walter Wallet Aluminum

The Walter Wallet has recently got a new brother: the Walter Wallet Aluminum! The newest wallet is made from recycled aluminum. This ensures even better protection of the cards. This version is of course also equipped with the revolutionary sliding system, so that all passes are visible with one push. The Walter Wallet Aluminum is available in 4 different colors: Olive Green, Raw Aluminum, Matte black and Gold. Both Walter Wallets also have a Quick Draw function. This function ensures that you can take out your most important pass super fast.

RFID protection

The Walter Wallet aluminum is also RFID protected. This means that it is impossible for criminals to skim your pass if it is in the pass holder. The wallet is in fact provided with an extra layer of protective film. The extra layer of foil ensures that your extendable card holder is RFID proof and your cards are stored safely. This makes it impossible to be skimmed with the Walter Wallet aluminum.