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Wagner of Switzerland
Wagner of Switzerland makes card holders that offer space for your cards, notes and business cards. This Swiss card holder works with a very handy system. If you need the cards, simply slide the button up. Your cards will appear in no time and you can grab the card that you need. Letter money can be stored behind the integrated money clip. You immediately notice that the wallet is made according to high Swiss quality standards. It feels very solid and the wallets are also trendy at the same time.


The metal card cases from Wagner of Switzerland are a household name. The SWISSWALLET has been around for a while and is praised for its simplicity, reliability and innovation. This Swiss, trendy card holder is characterized by the mechanism with which you can easily conjure up your cards.

The handy thing about the SWISSWALLET from Wagner of Switzerland is that you can get your cards out with one hand. You grab the metal cardcase and with your thumb you slide the button upwards with which your cards come up. Then simply select the pass that you need. And with a sliding movement you can secure all your cards in the metal credit card holder.

Practical metal credit card holder from Switzerland

You can store 5 passes in the SWISSWALLET of Wagner of Switzerland. In addition, this Swiss card holder also has a stainless steel money clip behind which you can store notes or other papers.

The SWISSWALLET is made of anodized aluminum. It is made of quality material and you will notice that immediately when you have the SWISSWALLET in your hand. In terms of dimensions, the SWISSWALLET is not much larger than a credit card. The card holder is 8.8 x 5.8 cm and not even an inch thick. Due to the money clip, the total thickness is still only 1.7 cm. The weight is only 50 grams so you hardly feel the card holder in your pocket.

Card holder with RFID protection

The innovative of the Swiss credit card holder from Wagner of Switzerland is also evident from the fact that all cards that are in the aluminum card holder are protected against data theft via the RFID chips. As long as the cards are in the metal case of the SWISSWALLET, it is not possible to communicate with the RFID chips from outside. So your data is safe and nobody can steal your data or bank balances.

When you buy a SWISSWALLET, you buy Swiss quality and design. You can tell by everything.