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Vip Flap
Vip Flap stands for the combination of "VIP" to emphasize its exclusivity and unique design, and "FLAP" because the magic wallet makes a peculiar little sound when closing. It flips open to both sides, so extra space to store all your passes. The Vip Flap is trendy, but it is also a model of simplicity and class. Moreover, it is so compact that it fits in any pocket! This original magic wallet stands out because of the design and the colors. Beautiful on the outside and with six cards and a pocket for banknotes also handy on the inside.

Vip Flap Magic Wallets

The magic wallets from Vip Flap are a well-knows. The magic wallet has been around for a long time, but you still get surprised faces when you see your notes with a hand movement behind the elastic bands. The advantage is that your notes, and other notes, are securely behind the straps and only when you need them do you take them out again.

In addition, the Vip Flap magic wallet also offers space for six passes. On each side of the leather wallet, both at the front and at the back, there are three compartments for storing your cards.

Genuine Italian leather wallet

The magical wallets of Vip Flap are made in Italy. You notice that in everything. The purses are stylish, made of quality leather and they are beautifully finished. There are many different colors, and color combinations. That makes the Vip Flap collection playful and stylish at the same time.

The Vip Flap is therefore also a beautiful, exclusive gift idea for both him and her. The magic wallet from Vip Flap is packed in a beautiful metal box. In the box, the wallet is also supplied with a certificate, so that you are sure that you have a real VIP Flap and not an imitation model. Because success is imitated soon and that also applies to Vip Flap.

Magic Wallet with elastic straps

Normally, you put bills in a separate box for this. Vip Flap does not think in terms of frameworks but in terms of design and innovation. In this case, your notes will be stored neatly behind the elastic straps. And the notes are secure, so you don't have to worry about the notes falling out of your wallet. That can is much larger in a normal wallet where your notes are not held with elastic straps.

The same applies to the cards that you keep in your Vip Flap leather wallet. There are six compartments for all your cards such as your credit card, debit card, driver's license, identity card, customer card and public transport chip card. Your cards are nicely clamped in the Vip Flap so here too you can be sure that your cards are neatly stored away.