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Thin King
Thin King card holders are designed by Finnish Volver Creative. The aluminum card cases are one of the most stylish card holders. The design is classic, yet very simple. The stylish aluminum Thin King Gordito card holders have room for 6 cards. The quality impresses you. You have something very solid in your hands that makes all other card holders fade. Thanks to the hidden grip on the inside, your passes are guaranteed to stay in place and you can take them out just as easily.

Thin King Gordito Card Card Case

The card case from Thin King is classic and yet modern. It is an original Finnish design, made for both men and women. This card case has a unique hidden grip method, so that it securely holds 1 to 6 credit cards or other cards. Guaranteed, the cards won't just fall out no matter how hard you try.

The Thin King card case is compact and light enough to fit into any pocket or bag. That way, the Thin King can go with you everywhere. Whatever the occasion. When going out, on a business trip or during exercise. Thin King offers the perfect protection for your cards. The Thin King Gordito is strong and the durable anodized aluminum frame of the card case protects your cards against damage.

Compact Aluminum Card case

The Thin King Gordito is available in 7 beautiful colors. This way you will always find a Thin King, depending on the occasion, from business to casual. Thin King also fits in your pocket as well as in your budget. With dimensions of 6.4 x 8.8 x 1.0 cm and a weight of 42 grams you realize that there is no more compact and lighter card case on the market.

Thin King Gordito Card Case offers an unrivaled super-grip on your cards. If you feel this you know what we are talking about. The frame of the Thin King card case is made of high-quality anodized aluminum. The inside of the card case is made of plastic. The strong structure ensures that it will last a very long time. Hold the card case upside down and shake it well. The cards do not fall out .. The unique hidden grip method holds up to 6 cards at the same time. But even if you only carry 1 card with you, it will not fall out.

The Thin King card case is robust. A car can drive over it without the cards breaking or being damaged. The mechanism of the Thin King has also been tested. A ruthless robot pulled the Thin King card case back and forth 10,000 times. The mechanism did not change in the time of this process. The Thin King card case cannot be broken!

Card case with RFID protection

RFID is a technology for identifying something through radio frequency. This technology is widely used by banks and credit card companies. Most bank cards have a chip for a contactless payment function for small amounts (NFC). Cases of skimming are increasingly in the news. Bank and credit card details can be stolen in this way. Criminals can scan your pockets and steal your credit card details without your noticing. The aluminum case of the Thin King is made of aluminum. This therefore blocks any attempt at skimming and scanning. Your cards and data are therefore safe with Thin King!

The Thin King Card Case from Finland is suitable for all cards with the same size as a credit card. Whether it is a bank card, ID card, driver's license, customer card or travel card, it fits in the Thin King card case. Keep in mind that travel cards such as the OV chip button cannot be used if they are in the Thin King card case. You will have to take it out to scan. That way you know for sure that only you can use it.