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Overboard is known for its quality waterproof bags. The Overboard bags are of the highest quality, sporty look and offer waterproof protection. In addition to Overboard bags are also affordable. The bags are 100% waterproof, sand and dust and bags have buoyancy. Besides waterproof bags, sports bags (duffels) and backpacks, Overboard has waterproof cases for mobile phones, tablets or cameras. Altogether Overboard is a top brand for outdoor activities.

Overboard waterproof bags

The Overboard bags are of the highest quality. The brand is known for making waterproof bags. The waterproof bags from Overboard are available in various water tightnesses. Some bags are only splash-proof and others can withstand immersion for a short or a longer time. In addition, there are also a number of covers that are fully water-resistant to 6 meters thanks to the Slide Seal System. This means your gear is fully protected against water, snow, dust, dirt and sand. Some bags and covers also have buoyancy. This means that if the bag or cover is not overloaded, it can float.

Different Overboard bags and covers

Overboard different models of bags and covers in the range, namely: dry bags, bicycle bags, hip bags, messengers, backpacks, shoulder bags and sports bags. In the assortment of indeSHOP there is especially a lot of choice in Overboard Dry Bags, Overboard backpacks and Overboard sports bags. There are also various covers from the Overboard brand available, these are suitable for phones, tablets, cards, cameras & more.

There is also a difference in the size of the bags and covers. For example, the waterproof hip bags have a capacity of only 3 liters. The Dry Bags are available from a capacity of 5 liters and up to a capacity of 40 liters. In the Overboard backpacks range, a capacity of 20, 30 or 60 liters can be chosen. The sports bags from Overboard have the largest capacity, here you can choose a maximum capacity of 130 liters.

Waterproof earphones and headphones

The waterproof ears from Overboard are ideal for use during various sports and activities. The earbuds are 100% waterproof and can therefore be used both above and underwater. The earbuds can be used for example when you want to listen to music on your air mattress in the pool, but also during sports such as swimming and kayaking. Prefer headphones instead of waterproof earphones? Overboard also has a waterproof headset. These headphones are specifically designed for use during water sports. This allows you to listen to music while surfing, for example. To use the waterproof earphones and headphones in the water, it is wise to also have a waterproof cover for your phone or mp3 player.