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Key organizers
With a key organizer you transform any disorganized bunch of keys into a functional accessory for daily use. With these key storage systems it is very nice that your keys are stuck and can no longer rattle in your pockets. You can store almost all types of keys in the handy key organizers. In addition to your normal keys, the key organizer can often also be expanded with a USB stick or a bottle opener, for example. The key organizers are very easy to assemble. With some key organizers themselves with a 1 cent coin included.

Key organizer

The chance that you go somewhere without keys is very small. Keys are often bundled on a bunch of keys and kept in trouser pockets, jacket pockets and bags. The disadvantage of storing a bunch of keys in your pocket is that the keys may stick to your leg and damage your pants. A key organizer is the perfect solution for this. Keys are stored in a key holder in a sort of holder. If you want to use a key, you can simply slide it out of the holder.

Benefits of a key organizer

A key organizer brings several benefits. First of all, with a key organizer you prevent damage to trouser pockets, jacket pockets and bags. Damaging things that are stored next to the keys is also a thing of the past with a key organizer. It sometimes happens that the screen of a mobile phone gets scratched because keys are kept in the same pocket. This is not possible with a key organizer because it bundles the keys in a holder. Sharp edges of the keys no longer protrude.

Structured with a key store

In addition, a key organizer is a lot more structured than a bunch of keys. With a bunch of keys all keys are mixed together and it can even happen that they get caught up with the ring of another key. With a key store, the keys are clamped together with a small ring between them so that they can easily slide out.

On average, someone has seven keys with them. Most key storers therefore have space for seven keys. In addition, some key organizers can be expanded for more keys, but also, for example, to add accessories such as an opener or even a USB stick. Do you want to buy a key organizer? At indeSHOP you will find key organizers in the assortment of different brands and in different colors.