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Waterproof bags
With waterproof bags, you can travel with peace of mind or enjoying outdoor activities. Your belongings dry and that is fine afterwards. Waterproof bags are an inventive locking system so you can stuff 100% dry. Even when submerged underwater up to 6 meters. You turn the opening few times closed and no water comes more inside. There are waterproof duffels, backpacks waterproof and watertight drybags. It's just where you need it for. There is always a waterproof bag that fits you.

Waterproof bags

When you participate in an outdoor activity or when you travel, a waterproof bag can be very useful. Waterproof bags can ensure that the items that you carry do not get wet when they end up in the water. At indeSHOP you can choose from different types of waterproof bags, namely: dry bags, bicycle bags, hip bags, messengers, backpacks, shoulder bags, shoppers and sports bags. These waterproof bags are from the brands Ortlieb, Overboard and Sea To Summit.

100% waterproof backpack

The waterproof backpacks from Overboard are 100% waterproof due to the simple roll-top sealing system. The Overboard waterproof backpack is offered in various sizes. Most backpacks have a capacity of 20 or 30 liters. This is comparable to a standard backpack. However, Overboard also has a large waterproof backpack with a capacity of 60 liters. This waterproof backpack can be compared in content to a backpack. So if you are looking for a waterproof backpack you can best opt ​​for the Overboard waterproof backpack Dry Tube 60 liter black. This is a large waterproof backpack with great comfort.

Protect with a waterproof phone case

A number of the latest phones can withstand water from now on. However, many telephones cannot handle this. The moment a phone falls into the water, you can still try to save your phone by letting it dry. This is possible, for example, by placing the telephone in a bowl of rice. However, it is never certain whether your phone will function optimally again after this. It is therefore better to prevent a wet telephone. You can do this with a waterproof phone case. For example, if you are going to do an activity in the water such as kayaking or rowing, it is a good idea to pack your phone watertight. The telephone can still be used in the waterproof telephone cover, but cannot get wet.