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Garzini is specialized to create the most efficient wallets with the ultimate thinness but which still fits a lot. The Intercell® system is designed to adjust the size of the boxes based on the content. This means no space is lost. Garzini also uses non-slip compartments, so your cards will not fall out. In addition, the leather of Garnetini is very natural with a minimal finish. This way you retain the true character of the leather. Only the best quality of skins are used by Garzinig and you notice that.

Magic Wallets from Garzini

The Magic Wallets from Garzini are specially designed for the demanding customer. The versatile leather wallets can store many passes. And the great thing is that all cards are just within reach. If you are looking for a leather wallet in which you can store many passes, then Garzini will not disappoint you. The cleverly constructed Versaflex system ensures that banknotes, receipts and business cards can also be stored neatly, without making the wallet very thick and awkward to use.

With the Garzini magic wallets you can store 11 to 22 passes in the anti-slip card slots. This means your cards are properly stored away and they do not slip out accidentally. The Garzini is also suitable for banknotes, receipts and business cards. You can keep it behind the leather straps of the magic wallet. Put your ticket in the wallet, close it and open it again, and you will see that the ticket has disappeared behind the straps and is really secure and secure.

The unique Versaflex system is used to keep the leather wallet so compact. This ensures elasticity in the wallet so that space is not lost. You can easily place two cards in each card slot, but if the card slot is not used, then this space is not lost either. The dimensions are therefore very limited with 10.8 x 7.5 cm. The thickness also depends on which Garzini model you choose with which functionalities.

Leather wallet with RFID protection

A special RFID film is used in Garzini's leather wallets. You don't see it but it really works. This foil stops all communication with your cards that are in the Garzini wallet. For example, it is not possible to communicate with NFC chip cards such as your bank cards. Skimming your cards is so impossible and all your personal information is so safe.

The magic wallets from Garzini are handmade and are made from first-class leather. The leather is coated with a custom finish, so that they are wonderful to hold and use. That makes the leather purses of Garzini different than usual. You smell the real leather and with this special feeling you have something in your hands that feels really special.

Leather wallet gift idea

The Garzini magic wallet comes in a special luxury package. This makes it also a particularly suitable gift, both private and business. If you get this gift box in your hands, then you immediately feel that you have something special, valuable in your hands. This will certainly be appreciated and guaranteed that the recipient will be very pleased with the gift.