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EXENTRI wallets are made according to a sleek Scandinavian design. The leather purses EXENTRI are innovative, elegant and refined. Yet they are simple and practical because they are so compact. The innovative design valuables six cards in a wallet of EXENTRI. You also have a pocket for bills and receipts. Your two most important steps you can slide a thumb upwards. The wallets are made of quality leather and exude exclusivity. Ideal for the modern man and woman.

Exentri Wallet

The wallets from Exentri are made from high-quality leather. An Exentri wallet is elegant, innovative and sophisticated. An Exentri wallet offers space for six cards. Exentri's wallets also have an extra compartment for coupons and bills. You can keep the two most important cards in the front and back compartment. With these compartments it is possible to slide the pass upwards with your thumb. This way you can use your most important cards easier and faster.

Exentri wallet

The wallets from Exentri are available in the colors blue, brown, purple, red and black. In total you can choose an Exentri wallet from fourteen different variants. In addition to the wallets differing in color, some also have a difference in the design pattern. Exentri purses are made according to Norwegian design. This is also the reason for the sleek design of the card holders.

Keep your cards safe with Exentri Wallets

If your wallet is not RFID proof, this means that your cards are not protected against stealing data. For example, stealing data is done in some stores where they remove personal information about their visitors from their cards. Not only stores make use of this, criminals also try to abuse this. They can contactlessly skim debit cards that allow contactless payment. Credit card holders and wallets with a special layer of foil can prevent it from being possible to remove data from your cards. All Exentri wallets are provided with this layer of foil and therefore RFID proof. With the wallets from Exentri you don't have to worry about being skimmed.

Would you like to give the Exentri wallet as a gift? We deliver the Exentri wallet in a beautiful gift box. This makes it a nice and elegant gift to give away, but also nice to receive yourself.