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Dosh was designed by the best designers from Australia. They have created a hip, trendy wallet of the cast polymer Desmopan. This is a soft and flexible plastics material which is very durable. The Dosh wallets are therefore slightly different. Except passes you in the wallet letter also lost money after the money clip. The steps you can easily take out, but there are not just out. The Dosh protects you pass from damage and, moreover, it is not possible to read out will fit from the outside with the special RFID-foil.

Dosh wallet

The Dosh brand comes from Australia. The Australian designers are fully focused on making designer wallets. Dosh purses are functional and innovative. Every Dosh wallet is made from Desmopan, a durable plastic. Desmopan is a soft plastic and very flexible. The Dosh wallet is available in various colors including blue, yellow, green, red and black.

Dosh magic wallet

The Dosh Magic wallet has space for storing bills. There is no special compartment for this, like a normal wallet, but strong rubber straps that clamp the money. The Dosh Magic wallet can be described as a credit card holder for cards and bills. You can store four passes in this Dosh Magic wallet. If you want to save more cards, you can choose a different Dosh wallet. Dosh also has different card holders in which six cards can be stored. Also in these Dosh wallets it is possible to take notes with you through the money clip. In addition, Dosh also has the Dosh Blade. This wallet is even more compact than the other Dosh wallets and has space for two passes.

Protect your cards with the Dosh wallet

With the newest debit card you can pay contactless. This can of course be very useful when you are going to pay, but also for people with wrong intentions. It is possible for criminals to contactlessly skim with these cards. This is due to the RFID tag on cards. This tag can also be used by stores to collect information from visitors' passes. There are special RFID proof wallets to prevent criminals from skimming you contactlessly and shops can retrieve information from your cards. These wallets contain a special foil that protects your cards. A number of Dosh wallets are also RFID proof and ensure that nothing can happen to your cards.